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I suddenly realised I didn’t have a photo of my book, Camel Spit & Cork Trees, with any of its ‘star’ characters, which was somewhat remiss as there’s a cork tree forest right outside the front gate.

So, when the sun shone after a couple of (untypical) days of rain, we toddled off on our customary COVID curfew walk through the forest and across the meadows, pausing to take some shots with various cork oaks.

It was only when I got back home and uploaded the images I realised the images I liked best were ones which actually featured the tree which was on the cover. When I sent the design remit to my talented artist niece Emily, I included a photo of a cork tree to give her an idea of the look I wanted to achieve. It was the same tree. Not surprising really as it is a magnificent specimen.

My next goal is to capture the other part of the cover, which might not be as difficult as it sounds as there are actually three camels (dromedaries to be precise) in a nearby field.

Do I really want them to dribble over my hand though?

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