“A spate of travel blogs about Tenerife following an organised blog trip by a UK low cost airline had me pondering about authentic Canarian food on Tenerife.”

The line in one of the blogs which prompted this bout of pondering was this: “The most authentic dish you can order anywhere in Tenerife has to be huevos estrellados or as it’s sometimes known, huevos al estampido.”

These huevos al estampido were the big hit of Tenerife gastronomy with the visiting bloggers, and the dish was raved about in nearly all the travel blogs written following the trip.

I’m seriously familiar with huevos al estampido as I went through a spate of ordering dishes with differing names which all turned out to be a variation of huevos al estampido. In fact, this talent for accidentally ordering them follows me to other countries. In Portugal I’ve been caught out a couple of times by unfamiliar dishes on a menu which turned out to be … basically, egg and chips. Huevos al estampido, huevos rotos, huevos estrellados, ovos mexidos – all egg and chips, usually with chorizo and maybe a few other slight variations.

Egg and chips. No wonder it was so popular with the bloggers. It’s familiar comfort food, and it is tasty, especially with the added chorizo. After my initial disappointment at ordering egg and chips again, I always enjoy it.

But the most authentic dish on Tenerife? I have to disagree with that claim … 

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