“What is reality?”

Is it social media (or media of any kind) with its army of amateur experts whose knowledge is fuelled by any Tweets which happen to conveniently fit their view, whether penned by a cyberspace troll, @AnnieOnimouse or, god forbid, a reputable source (whatever the hell that is now)? Normally the more I read the more I learn, and the more I know.

When it comes to COVID-19, the more I read, the less clear everything becomes – too many conflicting and contrasting opinions and statistics. It constantly amazes me how people can be unshakeable in their knowledge about what is the true ‘reality’ in a situation where the only thing certain to me is the sea of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

Or is reality this silent, sun-drenched spot on the rooftop of Portugal?

‘Rooftop of Portugal’ might sound rather grand, especially as most houses in traditional parts of Portugal tend to be one-story cottages so ‘rooftop’ isn’t particularly high. In this case it’s around 900m above sea level on a curvaceous hilltop in Peneda-Gerês National Park.

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