“This is the spot where Joffrey was hit in the face with excrement,”

Ivana tells us, relishing reliving the moment when Game of Thrones’ bad boy king received his just desserts.

I nervously eye the battlements above the main gate to Croatia’s exquisite fortress city, looking for any revolting peasants that might be lurking about. The only storming of castle gates going on, however, is by the stream of visitors entering Dubrovnik, now a.k.a. King’s Landing.

The Game of Thrones tour around the historic old city is so new that I’m lucky enough to be on the first one. There couldn’t be a more perfect person to show people the show’s hot spots than Ivana Radi. Apart from being a Dubrovnik native, Ivana is an archaeologist and a massive Game of Thrones fan.

The icing on the cake is that Ivana appeared as an extra in the show (season two, episode 5 — the girl in the market with a jug on her head). In addition to knowing all the gorgeous locations where key scenes took place, she brings the whole thing to life with first-hand experiences and juicy anecdotes; Jack Gleeson, who plays heinous Joffrey, is a really sweet guy apparently …

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